Gianluca Natale


Since 1970, arrows chasing in a cycle has meant recycle or recycled. In 1990, The Green Dot adopted the same graphic motif, with a completely different meaning. We believe this has to change.⁠ ⁠ The Green Dot symbol is used by over 150,000 companies, appearing on 400 billion packages every year and is regularly confused with the recycling symbol. However, it merely means the company or brand has made a financial contribution towards a recycling system or cause, and does not mean their product is recyclable or recycled.⁠ With BentoStudio we have illustrates the idea of transformation throughout the dot movement to become other two shapes, as the financial contribution made to the Green Dot scheme to ensure the recovery and recycling of packaging waste. The symbol sums up the letterform of G while the dot on the right stays for the actual Green Dot.

Client: The Green Dot

Year: 2022

Tags: Art Direction, Graphics, Identity, Branding, Type, Motion, Sustainabilty, Recycling