Gianluca Natale

gianluca natale

Juve Xmas 22

JUVENTUS XMAS 22 Today Christmas has a different meaning, much broader and deeper. It is no longer limited to the December 25th celebrations but represents all those occasions we want to share with the ones we love. Many “little Christmases” within a single holiday. From the traditional family meal to karaoke with colleagues during a …

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KILO GRILL & STEAKHOUSE – IDENTITY Kilo is a specialty grill & steakhouse restaurant. We have created a dynamic identity capable of changing shape like the iconic wall inside the restaurant. The color palette used recalls the shades of meat used for the creation of fabulous and tasty dishes. Client: Kilo Grill & Steakhouse Year: …

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K Sushi Ya

k SUSHI YA – IDENTITY Centrally located in the heart of Bangkok, K Sushi Ya is a family-owned restaurant that has been offering classic and unique Japanese dishes to our customers for over 20 years. Rustic earth tones, rosewood floors and exposed wood walls meet in the restaurant. The sushi counter crafted from a solid …

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NBA 19|20

NBA – ILLUSTRATION Illustrations pack about the 16 teams NBA Playoff 2019 | 2020. Each poster is a combination of specific elements and colors of the target team. Client: NBA | Personal Year: 2021 Tags: Art Direction, Graphics, Poster, Type, Illustration, NBA

Helvetica 60th

HELVETICA 60TH – POSTER Tribute poster to the Helvetica typeface as 2017 marked the 60th anniversary of its release. The poster aims to represent the constant use of the font from 1957 to today through the effect of opacity. Client: Helvetica Year: 2021 Tags: Art Direction, Graphics, Poster, Type


GINEVER – IDENTITY Ginever is a cocktail bar with more than 100 gin labels. The naming is the result of a studio that has its roots in the history of gin. Jenever is the historical juniper-flavored traditional liquor in the Netherlands, Belgium, and adjoining areas in northern France and northwestern Germany. The new identity wants …

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FIGC – IDENTITY For the first time in history, FIGC has decided to revolutionize and asked us to design a completely new visual identity. The design briefing was in essence to do something new without changing the old. The goal was to create a contemporary and international icon within a conservative institute. The aesthetics of …

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The Gree Dot THE GREEN DOT – IDENTITY Since 1970, arrows chasing in a cycle has meant recycle or recycled. In 1990, The Green Dot adopted the same graphic motif, with a completely different meaning. We believe this has to change.⁠ ⁠ The Green Dot symbol is used by over 150,000 companies, appearing on 400 billion packages …

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Borr Coffeehouse

BORR COFFEEHOUSE – IDENTITY Borr is a small coffeehouse that makes sustainability and the recycling of materials its philosophy. The concept of recycling materials is also used for the furnishings of the coffee store, creating a harmonious composition of totally different materials. The logo reflects the meaning of diversity through the use of different letters. …

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